The Roads To Richmond

Tim Barry is always working, that's just how he operates. "I wake up early, I run far, take care of my kids, I get to work, and I only sit down when I go to sleep," Barry says of his day-to-day. That's proven by the fact that, if you're a fan of his work, you'd be able to fill a shelf with records of his — five full-lengths, a collection album, and a live record — each one documenting his progress as an artist, but also as a person. And on October 11, Chunksaah Records will release Barry's sixth album, The Roads To Richmond, another step in the journey that began nearly 15 years ago.

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While Barry's albums are always built on his personal experiences, none have felt as raw as The Roads To Richmond, which plays like journal entries ripped out of a notebook then set to music. Written largely outside of his hometown, the songs on The Roads To Richmond chronicle a period of transition, the product of an artist working to re-establish normalcy an find his way forward.

Recorded once again with Lance Koehler, this time around Barry completely shifted his process, recording once a week in three-hour sessions without any concept of what The Roads To Richmond would end up being. There were no demos, and there was no map for what the album would look like when he was finished. He had 40 songs, and he recorded as many of them as he could, only letting the very best of them surface here on The Roads To Richmond. "This record is pretty harsh, in a lot of ways," says Barry. "Many of the songs that are first-person on this record, the ones that seem really miserable, were written as those things were happening. When you go through a really dark spot, it really is just a matter of time before you gain perspective and things aren't so dark. But to capture the moments in those dark spots is really remarkable." That's part of why talking to him about the album not only feels intrusive, but a little redundant. Everything you need to know is right there in the music, and that's the way it should be.

From the very start of "Big Ships," Barry appears as vulnerable as he's ever been. Always a commanding presence, on The Roads To Richmond, his voice quivers delicately, each word cracking under the weight of his thoughts. "It ain't the years that aged me, it's the miles on this sea / And there's no one to blame but me," he sings, an acknowledgement of his restless ways, and the toll those things have taken. It builds to a simple, tossed-off phrase, one that's both plainspoken and poetic, "I'm just trying to get through another day." That ethos runs through much of The Roads To Richmond, as Barry analyzes everything that's changed in his life while working to find the meaning in all of it. The music gently grows around his lyrics, each line landing like an unexpected gut-punch only to have the beauty of the compositions ice those wounds. With The Roads To Richmond, Barry has put himself on full display. Not because he wants to, but because he has to. A song like "April's Fool" is about as transparent a view of him as one can get, as he delivers lines like, "I can live hard, I know / But our kids can't / And I can't stand to be alone," with a weariness and clarity that avoids melodrama at all costs. It's as honest as he can possibly be, proving once again that Barry is as much a songwriter as he is his own biographer. His work, and his songs, are expressions of someone that has never had things come to him the easy way, every song a fight to better understand himself and the world around him. "I have no idea what compels me to do this," he says. "It's almost to a point where I just have to accept that writing songs, that's why I'm here."

There's a line on "Raised & Grown" that, in perfect Barry fashion, sums up his entire approach to music: "I've said enough, and I've meant it all." It speaks not only to who he is, but it also highlights why people care about his work so deeply. It's music made by a restless soul that's constantly searching for meaning, and it's embraced by the people who find little moments of clarity in hearing that journey play out, record after record.


New Record - "The Roads to Richmond"

August 13, 2019

My new record, "The Roads to Richmond" will be out October 11, 2019 (Chunksaah Records). Thank you for the years of support and encouragement. I'm very excited about this one. Please spread the word, it's appreciated.

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"This November Fest 2019" Tickets

July 29, 2019

I'm excited to announce the 2nd annual "This November Fest" at The Camel in Richmond, VA. Tickets on sale Friday, July 26 at Noon (EST). Two nights, two different set lists, special guests, tons of collaboration and accompaniment, all in a small, all ages venue, with good beer, great food and a kind, hard working staff.

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If you plan on attending, please get advance tickets (the venue is small). If you are coming from out of town reserve hotels/airbnb's asap. The Richmond Marathon is that weekend and sports tourists will book rooms way in advance.

Here's the ticket links:

Friday Nov. 15

Saturday Nov. 16

This is gonna be a really special weekend. Please join us if you can!

AVAIL Reunion

March 26, 2019

In celebration of the 21st anniversary of the album "Over the James", my old band AVAIL will play RICHMOND, VIRGINIA July 19, 2019 at The National. All original OTJ members will be on deck. Tickets on sale this Friday (3/29) at 10am. I will make updates from this website, or go to for news, ticket links and merch.


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More shows & a video

February 11, 2019

Hey y'all, there are so many exciting announcements coming for 2019.

3/9 Norfolk, VA - Taphouse (SOLD OUT)
3/10 Norfolk ,VA - Taphouse (Early show)
3/15 Pittsburgh, PA - Cattivo
3/16 Lancaster, PA - Lizard Lounge

4/27 Memphis, TN - Graceland
5/11 Long Island, NY - The Paramount

5/12 Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony

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Also, I found this iPhone video, recorded the day I wrote "Back Home" from High on 95. It was Valentines Day 2017. I was staying in a cabin in Greene County, Virginia.


First Shows of 2019

December 11, 2018

My first shows of 2019 are one month away in Florida. Thanks for having me back!

TIM BARRY / Cory Branan
1/11 Tampa - Crowbar
1/12 Gainesville - Loosey's
1/13 Orlando - Will's Pub

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"High on 95" 3rd Press

March 28, 2018

3rd Press "High on 95" vinyl is now available on my store. This record came out 6 months ago on a small independent label without all the big label hype. A lot of people tell me they didn't know it was released. Now it's back in stock online, on CD and vinyl.

If you missed it, here's the link.

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I'm taking a little time off the road before doing some festivals and shows supporting friends like Hot Water Music, The Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner and more. Lot's of shows are being planned. More soon!

You support is appreciated. Thank you!

Tim Barry
March 2018

Upcoming 2018 Shows

January 10, 2018

Many new dates have been added to my 2018 shows! Two Colorado shows, three in Texas, Oklahoma City, Baltimore, and many more. Also, Cologne and Berlin shows in Germany are SOLD OUT. If you plan on coming out to any of the others while I'm out that way, please get tickets asap. Check the tour section of the site for a full list.

Happy New Year y'all!
Tim Barry


High on 95

September 8, 2017

Released by Chunksaah Records

1. Slow Down 2. High on 95 3. O & DP 4. Riverbank 5. Back Home 6. Gumshoe Andy 7. Porter St. 8. Chelsea 9. Running Never Tamed Me 10. Little Eden

Lost & Rootless

November 28, 2014

Released by Chunksaah Records

1. No News From North 2. The James 3. Poppa's Porch 4. Older and Poorer 5. All My Friends 6. Breathe Slow, Let ‘Em Pass 7. Clay Pigeons (By Blaze Foley) 8. Lost & Rootless 9. Knowing Such Things 10. Solid Gone 11. Lela Days 12. I'm Only Passing Through 13. Mayfly 14. Thing of the Past 15. Avoiding Catatonic Surrender

Raising Hell & Living Cheap

May 13, 2014

Released by Chunksaah Records

1. Dog Bumped 2. Driver Pull Intro* 3. Driver Pull* 4. 40 Miler* 5. This November Intro 6. This November 7. Walk 500 Miles Intro 8. Walk 500 Miles 9. Fine Foods Market 10. South Hill 11. Church of Level Track 12. Idle Idylist 13. Downtown VCU 14. Exit Wounds* 15. Ronnie Song Intro 16 Ronnie Song 17 Thing of the Past 18 Avoiding Catatonic Surrender

40 Miler

April 10, 2012

Released by Chunksaah Records

1. Intro 2. Weezeltown 3. Driver Pull 4. 40 Miler 5. Shed Song 6. Adele And Hell (w/ Julie Karr) 7. Bankers Dilemma 8. Train Improv (By Andrew Alli) 9. Hobo Lullaby 10. Beene 11. Fine Foods Market 12. Amen (Oshega) 13. Outro

28th & Stonewall

January 26, 2010

Released by Chunksaah Records

1. Thing of the Past 2. Bozeman 3. Gabriel Intro 4. Prosser's Gabriel 5. Walk 500 Miles 6. No BS Warm Up 7. Will Travel 8. Moving On Blue 9. Downtown VCU 10. Short G'Bye 11. 11/7 12. With Ease I Leave 13. (Memento Mori) 14. Bus Driver


November 4, 2008

Released by Suburban Home Records

1. Texas Cops 2. On and On 3. South Hill 4. 5 Twenty 5 5. This November 6. Sagacity Gone 7. Ronnie Song 8. C.R.F. (Retired) 9. Tacoma 10. Tile Work 11. 222 12. Raised and Grown

Rivanna Junction

November 21, 2006

Released by Suburban Home Records

1. Trash Inspirations 2. Avoiding Catatonic Surrender 3. Dog Bumped 4. Church of Level Track 5. Exit Wounds 6. Cardinal In Red Bed 7. Shoulda Oughta 8. Steel Road 9. C'mon Quinn 10. Wait At Milano

Split w/ Frank Turner

October 13, 2009

Released by Suburban Home Records

Tim Barry Things of the Past Frank Turner Try This at Home

Live at Mary Munford Elementary

September 1, 2008

Released by Suburban Home Records

1. "Hey Lolly" by Woody Guthrie 2. "Shoulda Oughta - Munford Style" by Tim Barry 3. "This Land is Our Land" by Woody Guthrie