“40 Miler” on Xtra Mile

October 5, 2012 8:00 am

Xtra Mile Recordings are really excited to announce that the formidable Tim Barry is joining our roster.

We welcome the Richmond, Virginia-based singer-songwriter with open arms and plans are already afoot to release his incredible new album, 40 Miler, on 5th November (UK + Europe) which coincides nicely with Tim joining Frank Turner on his huge UK tour throughout November.

40 Miler is Tim’s fifth solo album since his days fronting American punk band Avail. Themes of resilience and hope flow through the new record; ‘If this record is uplifting compared to my old ones it’s because I feel stronger from all the beat-downs and shit I’ve taken in the past’ he explains.

As well as beautiful Americana, Barry also takes his spare folk-country sound in a different direction, opting for a more raucous, rocking approach on several tracks, adding more electric guitar, organ, piano, harmonica, as well as the gorgeous voice of Richmond songstress Julie Karr to the mix. Barry says the fresh sound was intentional. While he crafted the record’s dozen tracks by himself on piano and guitar, he had Karr and a cast of fellow Richmond musicians in mind while writing. ‘My intent wasn’t to bury them in the background, but to push them to the foreground to give them the exposure they deserve,’ he explains. ‘They’re all songwriters and all kick-ass musicians.'”

-Xtra Mile Recordings

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