December 10, 2012 7:03 pm

I started writing this song while in Montreal in May 2012 during Pouzza Fest. Away from home for our first wedding anniversary, and without a gift, I made this song for my wife Sarah.

Fast forward to Liverpool England in November of 2012…

I had never played the song for anyone. An interviewer shooting video in my dressing room at the 02 Academy asked me to play a cover song. I declined at first. Then I said I’d play a song by a Richmond, Virginia based song writer named Robert Cataldo (who is not a song writer, but an artist in many other ways and is one of my closest friends). I played this song, that I wrote, that is now titled “Anniversary”.

To the interviewer in Liverpool (who I unsuccessfully tried to track down before adding this video to my site), sorry for the slight lie. I hope you don’t mind.

Sarah, this song is a gift for you. Albeit, a little late.

Tim Barry
Richmond, VA
Dec. 10 2012