August 2010 Update

August 9, 2010 11:38 pm

It’s been a one hell of a year so far. I know I’m lucky.

I’ve been home a few days and can’t help but reflect. Since January I’ve toured with nearly all of my favorites; Chuck Ragan, Ben Nichols, Frank Turner, Against Me! Todd Beene, The Gaslight Anthem, Ninja Gun, Possessed by Paul James, Canada’s The Cavaliers!, Jon Gaunt, Red Clay River out of Roanoke, Va and more. I’ve clocked more miles than possible to track and played more shows than I can count. And none of it would be worth it if it weren’t for the hospitality, encouragement and support of both my road families and my loved one’s back home in Virginia. Thank you. That’s all I got. A simple thank you.

In the short term, I’m keeping it semi – low key for a couple months. August and September I will only be doing a few regional shows and a couple fly in dates (TBA). I’ll also begin the long process of sorting through all of the new songs I’ve been writing. Although there is no date set, I do look forward to getting back in the studio. But it will be a good amount of time before recording kicks back in.

Come October the pace will pick back up with specific US dates. And to my Northern Neighbors, please keep your ear to the ground for some rumblings. I’ll be doing a proper tour up your way that has yet to be announced. Dates will follow.

All that aside, I’ve gotten a lot of correspondence in regards to a show that will be played in a parking lot near 15th & Broad Street here in Richmond, Virginia. The concept is direct action to increase pressure on the city and Virginia Commonwealth University to acknowledge and memorialize what lays below it – a slave burial ground. The event, we hope will bring more outside attention to the idiocy the city has perpetuated by not embracing true respect of those who built our city. Please stay in touch with me regarding this action. The planning phase has just begun. There is much to be discussed and coordinated. I will keep all of those interested up to speed on this protest. NO DATES HAVE BEEN SET AS OF THIS UPDATE.

All my love.
Tim Barry
Richmond, VA
August, 2010