Chunksaah Records

Record Label

Chunksaah Records is the brainchild of The Bouncing Souls, who rather than give up on their dream decided on the "d.i.y." approach to the record industry. It quickly became a family affair; symbolically named in 1993 after its benefactor Timmy Chunks.

Mutiny PR

Public Relations

Mutiny isn't just the name of this company, it's also a fitting descriptor of the way its partners have dismissed the typical public relations business model and set their own course in the creative arts field.

Do It Booking!


Run by Margie Alban, Do It Booking! is responsible for creating the itineraries for such bands as Anti-Flag, The Bouncing Souls, Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Dillinger Four, and, of course, Tim Barry.

Minimum Wage Recording


Minimum Wage Recording was started by Lance Koehler with one goal in mind - to give big bands, small bands, and everyone in between a chance to turn thier musical vision into a tangible medium that can be shared with the masses.

Ryan Patterson


Ryan's a killer designer out of Louisville, Kentucky and is responsible for the layout of all of Tim's records. In addition to running and doing freelance design, he's also the lead singer and guitarist of the punk/hardcore outfit Coliseum.

Travis Stom

Web Site

Thanks to Tim, I've now gotten to make sites for people like Against Me!, Anxious and Angry, Fat Wreck Chords, and Off With Their Heads.