January 2012 Update

January 9, 2012 11:43 pm

First and foremost, Happy New Year! I hope everyone is doing wonderful. Personally, 2011 was pretty amazing. I hope the same goes for 2012, for myself, my loved ones and all of you.

My new album “40 Miler” is nearly complete. This past weekend I got on freight trains alone to review the new recordings. I needed to hear the songs and sequence and the albums over all feel from a different perspective. Rolling through Southside Virginia riding loaded coal, an empty boxcar and even my first ride in a caboose, I finally decided on the songs that will make the record. Tracking is complete. Sequence is complete. The art work is nearly complete. Now it’s time to mix and master. There is still no release date, however, a date will be announced very soon.

Of course, once the album comes out I’ll be back on the road. Lots and lots of planning is in the works so I’ll be seeing many of you sooner than later, and I’m looking real forward to it.

Check back in for tour dates and the album release date. Until then, thank you.


Tim Barry
January 9, 2012
Richmond, Virginia