November 2010 Update

November 29, 2010 11:39 pm

That’s it for the year. I’m just home from a short string of dates up in Eastern Canada. Another amazing adventure with a great group of people – The Cavaliers! and Northcote. I’ll play one more show, a benefit here in Richmond, VA for a radical lending library called The Flying Brick (Dec. 4, 2010). After that it’s time to lay real low. It will be a nice change to NOT live out of my back pack after eleven months of doing so. So for the time being it’s back to work at the Richmond Ballet and time to sort through the 25 some odd songs I’ve begun to write while on the road this year. And time to think about what’s next.

I’ll see you guys down the road. And thank you for the one you’ve given me thus far…

November 29, 2010
Richmond, VA