Richmond Symphony FAQs

August 7, 2017 7:49 pm

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my September 23 show with
the Richmond Symphony, at Carpenter Theatre. I hope this helps.

-Where do I get tickets?
TIM – You can get them in person, at the Carpenter Theatre Box Office,
over the phone at 804-592-3400, or online here:

-Who else is playing?
TIM – Natalie Prass, Clair Morgan, Bio Ritmo and Matthew E. White.

-How many songs will you play?
TIM – I’ll be doing 3 or 4 songs, all accompanied by the Richmond Symphony.

-When do you go on?
TIM – I play FIRST. Get there early! In theatre speak, “show at 8”
means it starts at 8. So get there at 7, grab a drink and find your

-Is there a bar there?
TIM – Yes, the Carpenter Theatre has multiple bars. There are also
really great restaurants/bars within walking distance of the theatre.

-Will drinks be expensive at the theatre?
TIM– Yes.

– Does the theatre search bags?
TIM – Yes, hide your booze well.

-Will your performance be filmed or recorded?
TIM – No. There are no plans for video or audio recordings of the
show. Perhaps someone will bootleg?

-Is it true you used to work at the Carpenter Theatre?
TIM – Yes, I worked “over-hire” for IATSE Local 87 and Richmond Ballet
at the Carp Center (among other venues) for many years, unloading
trucks, hanging lights, building sets and so on.

-Are you nervous about the show?
TIM – Terrified.


Carpenter Inside