Soundcheck w/ Kaliya

February 5, 2013 1:32 pm

I found this video from my touring last summer and it made me smile. It is from Asheville, NC. The venue had an age restriction so Kaliya’s mother brought her down early to listen to soundcheck. Then we sang a song.

For the 2 months that I’ve been off the road, I’ve been working on details of getting back on the road. It’s all coming together pretty well. My touring will be slightly limited this year, but I’ll get to as many places as I can. Yes, I will be doing some international trips. And yes, I’ll be doing a ton of shows in the US.

I’ll write another update soon. There’s a ton of cool stuff going on and coming up. But for now, enjoy the video.

Tim Barry
Richmond, VA
Feb. 05 2013